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Her father had been a gambler, to her mother’s despair.And for her very first day at work at Holroyd, Wyre, and Stan-ton (Theo was the «Wyre»), презентацию на тему пластмассы стоматология Theo wasn’t going to be there, which upset him a lot more than it did Laura, of course. She was just his broodmare.Would the arrival of the afterthought mean that their mother would juggle them around again in another arbitrary permutation? The new baby was making Rosemary feel sick, and she thought how wonderful it would be if Victor suddenly woke from his snore-laden sleep and said to her, «Can I get you something, dear?» and she would say, «Oh, yes, please, I would like some tea – no milk – and a slice of toast, lightly buttered, thank you, Victor. Laura, who slept curled up in a ball, who liked hot buttered toast and all the Indiana Jones movies but not Star Wars, whose first word was «dog,» who liked the rain but not the wind, who planned to have презентацию на тему пластмассы стоматология three children, Laura, who would be forever презентацию на тему пластмассы стоматология standing by the photocopier in the office in Parkside waiting for the stranger and his knife, waiting for the world to go white. Theo wondered why it was the lap of the gods and not the hands of презентацию на тему пластмассы стоматология the gods.Laura had been sent out earlier to buy sandwiches for the meeting – prawn cocktail, cheese and coleslaw, roast beef, tuna and sweet corn, and a chicken and salad (no mayonnaise) for her father because he really needed to think more about his weight and she had thought affectionately what a dope he was скачать чабовская основы педиатрии because he’d forgotten his meeting when he’d suggested lunch скачать топическая диагностика нервные болезни to her this morning. She had been terrified by the noise as the horses thundered down the homestretch and доброкачественная гиперплазия история болезни the crowd at the stand side grew frenzied, as though the world might be about to end rather than a 30/1 outsider winning by a short head.In a dream, in slow underwater motion, Theo moved down the corridor and into малярчук пауткин руководство к практическим занятиям по общей хирургии the boardroom.

The GP was right, Laura was right, he had to lose some weight. Not long after she was first married she had been invited to join Victor in the Master’s garden, where книги и лекции по медицине скачать бесплатно it soon grew apparent that Victor’s colleagues were of the opinion презентацию на тему пластмассы стоматология that he had married (horribly) beneath him («A nurse,» someone whispered, in a way презентацию на тему пластмассы стоматология that made it seem like a profession only скачать бесплатно презентацию на тему заболевание кожи slightly more respectable than a streetwalker). It had run in rivulets down her cleavage – the word «bloodbath» косицкий руководство к практическим занятиям по физиологии 1988 came into Theo’s mind. Everything was from duty, nothing from love. Rosemary herself was only thirty-two. Within minutes, Sylvia and Olivia had fallen asleep, the book forgotten.

By then the police had joined the search and neighbors were checking gardens and sheds and cellars. What a relief that would be. At that very moment he was toiling in the cool dark of his study, the heavy chenille curtains closed against the summer, lost in his work, work that never came to fruition, never changed ганковская основы общей иммунологии the world or made his name. When she grew up she planned to know everything and to keep it all a secret. If заболевания лор органов учебник it hadn’t been for the fact that both girls looked like her – more and more now that they were older – he would have found it hard to conjure up anything but a vague memory of his wife.Victor himself was in that kind place between waking and sleeping, a place untainted by the sour feelings of his everyday life, where he lived in a houseful of women who felt like strangers.Laura’s eyes were half open and Theo wasn’t sure whether she was dead or not.

She had only gone into the hospital to have her appendix removed, and, when he looked back on it now, he realized that he should probably have sued the hospital or the health authority for negligence, but he had been so caught up in the day-to-day care of their two daughters -Jennifer was seven and Laura was only two when Valerie died – that he had hardly had time even to mourn his poor wife, let alone seek retribution.» Rosemary’s mother’s only reservation, however, was that although Victor was a doctor, he seemed to have trouble giving her any advice about the stomach pains that she was a martyr to. It had run in rivulets down her cleavage – the word «bloodbath» came into Theo’s mind. She felt sick and crampy. It was stifling in the train, and someone, the guard presumably, opened the doors and people began to clamber out. Marriage and motherhood had made Valerie more solemn than the student whom Theo had carefully courted. And Amelia was somehow… bland, but Olivia, Olivia was spun from light.She supposed Victor had married her because he thought she was domesticated – her mother’s loaded tea tables probably misled him, but Rosemary had never made so much as a plain scone when she lived at home, and since she was a nurse he probably presumed she would be a nurturing and caring person – and she might have presumed that herself in those days, but now she didn’t feel capable of nurturing a kitten, let alone four, soon to be five, children, to say nothing of a great mathematician.

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